All learners in our academies will experience a curriculum that

1. is ambitious and enjoyable through knowledge and skills developed from Foundation Stage to Post 16 and Adult provision.

2. is knowledge rich, ensuring access to a wide, global cultural capital – thus maximising lifetime opportunities.

3. is inclusive, nurturing and tailored towards the needs of the individual.

4. is focused on developing the very best oracy, literacy, numeracy and digital skills – enabling access to the widest learning and the very best careers possible to ensure we develop global citizens.

5. is enriching, ensuring all experience a rich variety of cultural, artistic and sporting activities.

6. is broad in terms of coverage and (at least) encompassing the breadth of the 2014 English National Curriculum.

7. celebrates the uniqueness of each educational setting in terms of localised knowledge and skills.

8. develops character, personal pride and the highest moral standards.

9. celebrates diversity, challenges injustice, promotes equality and encourages the creation of a better world.

10. is delivered by well-qualified, forward-thinking, skilled, passionate professionals.

Curriculum the #TNHAway

Curriculum lead:

The curriculum at TNHA promotes equality and inclusion for all. 

At TNHA we have embedded equality and diversity into the curriculum to ensure that learning environments and experiences eliminate discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and encourage students to value diversity.  All subjects promote the awareness and knowledge of different backgrounds, assumptions, beliefs, values and behaviours.  Students are taught to be tolerant, respectful and considerate of others.

Pedagogy, curricula and assessment are designed and delivered to engage students in learning that is meaningful, relevant and accessible to all.  All students are given the opportunity to reach their potential and no student is disadvantaged by teaching practices or curriculum.

TNHA offers students a broad and balanced curriculum enabling them to leave our Academy fully equipped to play a role in modern Britain.  Our curriculum enables students to improve not only their academic abilities but also their personal skills.

At TNHA we want our students to…..

  • Be a good citizen and play an active role in their community
  • Be confident when talking to their peers and adults
  • Be able to work well as part of a team, listening and supporting others
  • Be knowledgeable of a wide range of cultures and be respectful of the rights and needs of others
  • Be resilient learners who can learn from their mistakes.
  • Be ambitious and aspire to ‘be the best that they can be’.

We also aim to provide our students with wider opportunities to broaden their experiences, enhance their learning, add to their employability skills and give them an understanding of the world of work.

To do this we encourage all subjects to make clear links with careers and employers relevant to their subject areas.  Students meet and engage with employers and in Year 10 have the opportunity to complete one week of work experience.  We believe that these opportunities provide students with the skills needed to be successful, ambitious learners.  We have strong links with local sixth forms and colleges and aspire to all of our students successfully entering post 16 education or apprenticeships.


Key Stage 3 and 4 courses:

Subject teams create exciting, relevant courses for students.  They focus not only on the academic skills but also on the personal skills that are essential for all subjects.  Team work, communication, literacy, numeracy and empathy are key skills we value.

All students in KS3 study the following subjects:

The Core subjects Humanities Creative Arts Physical Education Skills for Life

English (8 hours)



History (4 hours), Geography (4 hours), Modern Foreign Languages (4 hours), LOOL (PSHE) (2 hours)



Art, Music, Drama, Design Technology

(5 hours in total)


Physical Education (4 hours)

Reading and literacy lessons (1 hour) from September 2020.

Maths (8 hours)

Computer Studies (1 hour) from September 2020.

Science (8 hours)

Click here for the KS3 Curriculum Booklet

Our KS4 curriculum is designed to be flexible and meet the needs of our learners.  We do this through a range of ‘pathways’ at KS4. All students have the opportunity to study the ‘core curriculum’ of English, Maths, Science, LOOL, and PE.  They are then able to choose from the following options:

History, Geography, GCSE PE, BTEC Business Studies, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Health & Social Care, Music, Art, Drama, DT, Computer Studies, MFL.   ASDAN qualifications, the Princes Trust programme and Functional Skills are also offered to some students.

The Core subjects Options Physical Education Skills for Life

English (8 hours)


Students choose 4 options from the list above.  (Each option has 5 hours allocated to it)


Physical Education (4 hours)


PSHE/ LOOL (2 hour)


Maths (8 hours)


Science (8 hours)

Click here for the KS4 Curriculum Booklet

Through LOOL we deliver a series of lesson that cover Sex and Relationship Education, Careers, Personal safety, Mental Health awareness and British values.  Students have opportunities to study these topics through discussion, stories, role play, debating and film.  Students leave TNHA with the skills needed to be active citizens.

Enrichment opportunities:

At TNHA we want to encourage our students to be responsible, respectful and active citizens who are able to play their part in their local community and the world beyond.  Personal Development and character education are delivered through everything that happens at TNHA.  It is planned into academic subjects, delivered through pastoral time, modelled in behaviours around the academy and promoted through all that we do.

Students are given many opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities.  Educational visits are popular and are available to all students.  The MFL, Creative Arts and PE teams run successful residential trips to Spain, France and the Netherlands.  Day trips to local theatres, West End shows, coastal field trips and sporting activities are frequent.

After school clubs run from Tuesday to Friday and include drama, music, art, PE, revision classes, and homework club.

An up to date timetable of clubs will be available on this website (*Due to current circumstances after school clubs, with the exception of GCSE intervention, are suspended*).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]