Local Governing Body (LGB)

In order to understand the role and responsibilities of the local governing body within The Nicholas Hamond Academy it is important to recognise that the governing body of a school that is part of a multi-academy trust, such as this one is, is very different from that of a single academy school or a community school.

The main difference is that the trust is the accountable body and ultimate decision-making body and not the local governors, or local governance tier as they are known, and it is the trustees who decide how governance works at individual academy level and what responsibilities are delegated to the local tier.  The trust board can, at any time choose to remove those delegated responsibilities or change the committee structure.  So, in a nutshell the local governing body is a committee of, and dependent on, the trust board for any decision-making powers.

So, what is the role of the local governing body at The Nicholas Hamond Academy?

The local governing body is an informed local community resource with a unique local perspective and a delegated responsibility to provide challenge and support to the academy and the Trust.  Local governors are the “eyes and ears” of the trustees in the local community.

In line with the trust’s Scheme of Delegation, local governors are responsible for supporting academy improvement and engaging with academy leaders and the community in order to ensure that all students reach their full potential, regardless of background or level of ability.

This academy is part of a local cluster.  This means that the governing bodies of two or more academies come together to form one local governing body chaired by an Executive Chair.

Fully supported by the Trust’s Governance Team and the Executive Chair, local governors of The Nicholas Hamond Academy are responsible for:

  1.  Knowing, understanding and challenging pupils’ overall progress and attainment. This means being clear about where the attainment gaps are, what provisions are in place to close those gaps and the impact of those provisions.
  2. Monitoring child protection and welfare in the academy including attendance, behaviour, suspensions and permanent exclusions.
  3. Receiving and noting summary management accounts and risk registers provided by the academy.
  4. Hearing any appeals as part of the complaints process and sitting on discipline panels in relation to suspensions and permanent exclusions.
  5. Evaluating their own effectiveness through the local governing body action plan, skills audit and clerk-led self-evaluation.

School visits help governors to understand more about their academy and the reality of school life.  We encourage governors to take on specific roles, dependent upon their interests and visit their academy.

Being a governor is a very rewarding experience.  You will be part of a team who is working to improve the life chances of children, some of whom come from very challenging backgrounds.  You will learn new skills whilst giving something back to the community you live and work in.  Our local Governors are committed to Transforming Lives, they give their time and energy to oversee the academy and take on a lot of responsibility.  Governance is enhanced by a team from a diverse range of professional, social and cultural backgrounds, if you are interested in becoming a local community governor please get in touch with Jo Bickley our Governance Clerk.

Contact the Governors

Jo Bickley, Governance Clerk

Any communication for the Governors about The Nicholas Hammond Academy, along with our governance cluster academies Iceni Academy Hockwold and Iceni Academy Methwold, can be made via the following:

Email: governance@attrust.org.uk

Telephone: Leave a message via ​01760 721480

Address: FAO Clerk to the Governors, The Nicholas Hamond Academy, Brandon Road, Swaffham. PE37 7DZ

Meet the Governors

Helen Warrick-Evans, Executive Chair, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 02/06/2021 – 02/06/2025 appointed by ATT Trustees

Community Engagement and Secondary Safeguarding (including LAC) and Leadership and Management Link Governor

My first “real job” was working for the BBC Further Education Schools and Radio and television broadcasting back in the days where the adult literacy programmes and new cooking series were starting.  I was a very young Administrative Assistant organising events. I then went onto study for a Batchelor of Education degree in Dance/Music/ Art Design and Technology Secondary Education. I taught in Hertfordshire and Essex as Head of Drama and Head of Technology Faculty for many years. I then went to Spain on the Costa del Sol and taught at three International Schools teaching English and Theatre Arts International Baccalaureate reaching Deputy Headship level before I retired.

Swaffham has always been a very special place in my life over the past 16 years as my in-laws spent more than 30 happy years here in retirement. So Swaffham drew us back to retire ourselves. I am a keen Amateur Dramatic member of the Swaffham Players spending the lockdown recording plays and our weekly play readings which has kept us all entertained. My passion is making sure all students and staff have a happy and vibrant experience of their never ending educational journey in life. I feel privileged to be working alongside the TNHA team and bringing my experiences to help forge a bright and positive future for all.

Alex Smith, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 02/12/2020 to 31/08/2027 appointed by the LGB

Primary Safeguarding (including LAC), Leadership and Management Link Governor

I have worked in Higher Education (HE) since I graduated from the University of Leeds with my masters degree in 2016. I worked for the University of East Anglia until September 2023 where I gained experience in student administration, governance and quality assurance. I was a Partnerships Manager for 5 years where I acted as the relationship manager for the University’s partner institutions. I was seconded to the Head of Partnerships in 2022 and led the team in managing existing partnerships as well as developing new ones. In September 2023 I started as a Senior Case Handler at the University of Cambridge where I am responsible for handling student appeals and complaints. I am passionate about education and the positive contribution it can make to young people’s lives. As a governor, I intend to draw on my experience, professional and personal, to challenge,  support and hold academies to account, making sure their pupils/students receive a high quality education.

Jacob Morton, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 11/03/2024 to 10/03/2028 appointed by the LGB

My name is Jacob Morton. I live in Swaffham where The Nicholas Hamond Academy is based, and am also the Breckland District Councillor for the town. As the local Councillor and a volunteer for organisations such as Alzheimer’s Research UK and ParkRun, I am always keen to find new ways to contribute to the local community. In addition, I attended Iceni Academy – where I greatly enjoyed my time – from 2014 to 2019 and so have a connection to both schools within this cluster. I am keen to use my experience as a Councillor, student and former Student Governor at CWA to help give something back to both schools and play my part in helping them to be the best that they can be. Outside of work and council duties, I enjoy walking, history, current affairs, pub quizzes and exploring castles and old buildings

Graham Edwards, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 10/03/2023 to 31/08/2027 appointed by the LGB

Secondary Careers Link Governor


Alicia Rickards, Local Staff Governor

Term of Office: 18/12/2023 – 17/12/2027 appointed by Iceni Academy Hockwold staff

Staff Voice and Primary Pupil Premium Link Governor

Keren Thompson, Local Staff Governor

Term of Office: 02/11/2023 – 01/11/2027 appointed by Iceni Academy Methwold staff

Staff Voice for ICS Link Governor

Keren has been a staff governor in her previous schools and is the Head of Year 11 and Teacher of Science.

Neil Kellet, Local Parent Governor

Term of Office: 01/09/2022 – 31/08/2027 appointed by Iceni Academy Hockwold parents

SEND Link Governor

Neil has worked in the forestry sector for over 40 years, with the last 22 years for Forestry England, based in Thetford Forest. He has held roles in forest management and led the recreation team, before taking up his current position as Business Manager, a role that encompasses strategic planning, business management and woodland creation. Neil is passionate about trees and forests and the benefits they bring to people, nature and the climate.

Neil lives locally with his wife and young son and in his spare time loves running and supporting his boyhood football team Oldham Athletic.

Samantha Caro, Local Staff Governor

Term of Office: 27/05/2022 – 31/08/2027 appointed by The Nicholas Hammond Academy staff

Staff Voice for TNHA Link Governor

I trained as a Maths teacher in 2013 after completing my degree in Mathematics at the University of East Anglia.  Since then, I have worked in several schools in Norfolk and am passionate about providing a good quality of education for young people.  I have been the Director of Mathematics at TNHA since 2017 and have seen first-hand what an amazing job everyone at the school does on a daily basis.  Our students get a truly unique and personal experience that I feel very fortunate to be part of.

Sandra Ferreira, Local Community Governor

Term of Office: 12/07/2023 to 31/08/2027 appointed by the LGB

Attendance Link Governor

I have worked in Social Care and Social Housing for the past 13 years, managing various services supporting vulnerable children and adults of all walks of life.  My work has given me a real vision into how important it is that education includes life and employability skills. I want to use the skills I possess to support and enable every child/young person to reach their full potential. Away from school I am an avid traveller and travel the world with my family whenever we get the opportunity.

I am keen to play an active role in school life and to work alongside staff, families, and our community to ensure our pupils receive an inspiring curriculum no matter their background or circumstance.  As a governor, I want to ensure our children get the best possible education and that, parents receive the best possible communication to help all experience a relaxed and pleasant school experience.

Simon Connor, Local Parent Governor

Term of Office: 01/09/2022 – 31/08/2027 appointed by Iceni Academy Methwold & The Nicholas Hammond Academy parents

Secondary Pupil Premium Link Governor

Simon has been a Police officer for 28 years carrying out a wide range of roles.  Simon has 2 older children 1 who is in the Army and the other works in a family business.  Simon also has 2 children at Iceni Secondary, and has a real passion to ensure all children have the best chance to succeed at school and give themselves options for the future. 

Simon has previously been a Governor at his children’s Primary School, he found it very rewarding and threw himself into the role.   Outside of work Simon has 2 spaniels who need lots of walks. Simon also enjoys gardening and growing his own Vegetables. Simon also enjoys playing golf.