For further information on our careers programme please contact Mrs K. Warnes, Careers Lead/Director of Pastoral Care

Tel: 01760 721480


Date:             September 2020

This information will be reviewed in November 2021

At TNHA we believe helping students to understand the wider world of work will contribute to their academic studies. Due to this we have a tutor time dedicated to careers for each year group every week, as well as use curriculum days for a more in-depth look at different topics.

In Key Stage 3 students are encouraged to explore different careers and occupations, as well as address skills needed to be successful in a career and what their own skill set is. In Year 9, students will focus on the different options available to them at GCSE and explore which ones will aid them to working towards the career they want to follow. At Key Stage 4 students will explore different options available to them for their post 16 choices, as well as practical advice surrounding interviews and writing of CVs.

For both Key Stages we invite different businesses into assemblies throughout the year and use workshops to further explore these careers. We invite specialised speakers in such as the UEA and Apprenticeship providers to give up to date and relevant information. Again, workshops are held with these speakers so students are making fully informed choices, such as what to choose for their option subjects at GCSE or post 16 choices.

Online resources:


UEA GCSE choices session – lead by the UEA to help students determine which subjects are best for them to take at GCSE for their options.

Higher Educational Site Visits – Students who meet eligibility criteria and for whom the experience would provide motivation and inspiration.

Norwich Careers Fair – open to students in Year 10 to meet with different post 16 choices to explore their options. TNHA Careers fair – Open to Y10 and Year 11 students early in the academic year, to help them explore their post 16 choices.

Employer talks – across all year groups to discuss different careers and relevant industry information.


We measure student impact through ‘student voice’ following careers sessions. This can take the form of questionnaires, student panels or a variety of plenary opportunities in the sessions to ascertain their knowledge.  We also use next destinations data to assess how well our career programme has impacted on our students.

Work Experience

At TNHA we believe it is pivotal that we provide the opportunity for Work Experience. It helps students to understand the world of work and the expectations of this, as well as gaining first-hand experience on how to enter into different professions.  The Norfolk County Council check placements that students ‘source for Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance.