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Careers Leader:

Our careers coordinator is Mrs Kate Warnes. You can contact her on 01760 721480 during normal working hours in term time or by email at


We are an inclusive academy. We support students no matter what their starting point is, to achieve their potential and develop the skills they need for employment and life.

Our Aims:

  • To develop students understanding of themselves, including their skillset and interests, in relation to future learning and careers.
  • To develop their employability skills, as well as their ability to manage their own careers.
  • To have a clear understanding of the different pathways into careers.
  • To have experience of a range of experience of careers and the world of work.

Careers Programme:

To help us ensure we are providing a good careers guidance, we focus on the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks of good careers guidance. They are:

The eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Career Guidance

1. A stable careers programme
2. Learning from career and labour market information
3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
5. Encounters with employers and employees
6. Experiences of workplaces
7. Encounters with further and higher education
8. Personal guidance

Our curriculum is designed to help students achieve our aims.

At The Nicholas Hamond Academy we provide a taught programme of careers education beginning in Year 7 through to Year 11. This is done through a variety of times within the academic year. We have a dedicated tutor time to careers once a fortnight and use Curriculum days to give an enhanced experience of careers. We also use assemblies as an opportunity to provide contact with employers and further providers.

We use a mixture of individual, small group work and whole year group approaches to ensure we are catering for individual needs.

Please see the road maps for each year group for the opportunities offered to students

(please click on the links below)

Y7 Career Roadmap

Y8 Career Roadmap

Y9 Career Roadmap

Y10 Career Roadmap

Y11 Career Roadmap

We have an Independent Careers advisor through the company Beacon East, who will complete 1-1  and group interviews with Y11s and small group work with all other Year groups. The Careers advisor also runs drop-ins during lunchtimes where a focus is given to different sectors of work.

We work closely with UEA whom provide programmes for all year groups to help them understand the world of work and the different pathways to it, alongside knowledge of university education. The programmes are as follows:


Programme Aims
Future stars (Y7) Future stars gives pupils a positive introduction to higher education, encouraging them to identify links between HE and careers and to help them imagine themselves as a future university student
Future me (Y8-9) Helping to make decisions about choosing GCSE courses, based on better self-reflection. If the student has better awareness of themselves and what they enjoy and where their career journey may take them, they will make more informed choices of which GCSE options to choose.
Discover (Y10-Y11) Helps to inform the students of the options for post-16. It gives more information about the world of Higher Education, Further Education, apprenticeships and employment and how to make strong applications to all.

We also have strong links with Ask Apprenticeships and The Norfolk County Council to ensure our students are confident about this potential route.

We hold our own careers fair, whereby we invite in local further providers, the RAF, the Army and the NHS to help students have access to and ask questions to these providers and employers. We also take Year 10 to the Norfolk Skills and Careers festival, whereby they have access to a vast array of providers and businesses.

Labour Market information (LMI) is important for students to understand how different careers look at a local and national level. Throughout the year we will do work with students on this.

Work Experience:

We value highly the opportunity for students in Year 10 to experience the work place, to help them see the reality of the world of work and what they have learnt through the careers programme. We work closely with Norfolk County Council to ensure all placements have the legally required documents. Students of Year 10 will have this opportunity in Spring of Year 10.

We welcome visits and talks from all organisations and employers.

Measuring Impact:

We use Compass to evaluate our provision against the Gatsby Benchmarks and work with New Anglia to provide new and exciting experiences for our students based on these results.

Student surveys are regularly completed following individual events.

Parent surveys are conducted at parents evenings or other events where parents are present, such as the post-16 evening.

Governing body meetings happen termly between the Governor link and career lead.

Our destination data helps us to evaluate our programme for careers against student outcomes.

Information for Parents:

These websites have lots of useful information to help you as parents guide your children.

Labour Market Information (LMI)

It is important that students understand the LMI of the career they are interested in pursuing. LMI gives information such as how much they can earn, how many jobs are currently available within that sector, where these jobs are mostly based etc. A really good clip to help understand what LMI is can be accessed here:

For information regarding LMI for different careers, please use the below link:

Other Useful Websites:

Describes the importance of studying specific subjects.

The National government website with lots of information on jons and careers. It also has links to skills required when looking for jobs, such as CV writing and going for interviews.

This is the website for information about higher education courses and applications. It has a section dedicated to different careers and pathways into them from post-16.

A website you can search and register for apprenticeships.

Links and advice on how to get into a certain industry. It also has a good ‘quiz’ for students to complete that is based on their likes and hobbies to help them understand the types of careers available to them.

All about apprenticeships

The platform we help students to make applications for post-16 education on, but has a wealth of information for parents and students about post-16 information.

Shows the most favoured jobs in the country now.

Uses current job adverts to inform you of the skills most required and desired to get into certain industries.

A good clip that explains what Labour market information is and where to access it.

A great website with lots of activities and ideas to help student prepare for interviews, writing CVs and other skills.

RAF careers information

Army careers information

Navy careers information

Provides career inspiration and information for young people through personal video stories, detailed job information and practical tips.