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To join us in September 2022 or apply for an in-year transfer please complete the application form below:

Admissions form

​Before new students join the academy from primary schools each September, we speak to their junior school teachers to find out about them and their progress. We then hold a Transition Evening, where families can meet their child’s tutor and other staff. Year 6-7 students then join the academy for the last two weeks of the Summer Term.

In-year transfers

To make joining us as easy as possible, we offer a welcoming programme of support for new students and parents. After we receive your application we will contact you to check details and arrange for you to visit. When you arrive you will be met by a member of the leadership team. You will be taken on a tour by your child’s College Support Leader. Arrangements will then be made for testing and uniform orders to be processed. To minimise lost learning time, we endeavour to start students as soon as is practically possible.