Please note that the majority of our letters to parents/carers are sent by our SchoolComms system to the email addresses we hold with the exception of those requiring a consent form or reply slip or those aimed at a small targeted group of students.

Should your email address change please contact the academy ASAP in order that we can update our records.


Autumn Term 2021

September 2021

Start of Term Arrangements – September 2021

Back to School

PE Fixtures

Consent Form – PE Fixtures

Sports Clubs – Sept and Oct

Creative Arts Intervention Sessions & Clubs

CARTS – Intervention & Clubs Timetable

Geography intervention

History intervention

Spanish Intervention Sessions

Geography Fieldwork Investigation

Geography Fieldwork Investigation – consent form

Updated PE Clubs – Sept to October 2021

KS4 sports events 2021

SENCO surgeries

Intervention timetable 2021-22

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

DofE enrolment form

October 2021

Orienteering trip to Holt

Orienteering trip to Holt consent form

Dick Whittington Theatre Trip

Consent form – Dick Whittington Trip

Class of 2022 Leavers’ Hoody

Hoody colour swatch

TNHA Careers Fair

Geography Field Trip – Norwich

Geography Field Trip Norwich consent form

Mountain Biking – High Lodge.doc

Mountain Biking – High Lodge – consent

Autumn Term Update

November 2021

HelpYouChoose Guide for Parents & Carers – Year 11

Levels What do they mean – Year 11 (Help you Choose)

Year 11 Parents Evening

Year 9 Book club – selected students.

Humanities Workshop – Year 7 & 8.

Remembrance Service at TNHA.

P. E. Survey via Sheffield Hallam University

Physical Activity – Whole School Strategy

Children in Need – Non Uniform Day

TNHA Christmas Card Competition

TNHA Christmas Cheer Boxes

Lynford Hall Visit – Year 11 Prom

Health & Social Care Course Revision Guide

Year 7 Geography Field Trip

Year 7 Geography Field Trip Parental Consent

Curriculum Day – 30 November

Timetable for Curriculum Day – 30 November

PSHE letter final

RSE Overview

RSE – Parent feedback form

Student Christmas Lunch

December 2021

Ofsted Inspection – Ltr to parents & carers

A guide for parents – School Inspection

Trip to Disneyland Paris 2023 – Year 7 & 8 students

Autumn Term, Half Term 2 Update & Start of Spring Term Arrangements

Work Experience 2022 Year 10

January 2022

Start Of Term Arrangements

TNHA Physical Activity Passport – Invited Students

Theatre Trip School Of Rock

Theatre Trip School Of Rock Consent Form

Year 7 Hockey Festival

Year 7 Hockey Festival Consent Form

Humanities After School Workshop – Year 7 & 8

Curriculum Day 2 – 27 Jan 2022

Timetable For Curriculum Day 2

Introducing New Student Support Leader for Year 10

Paris Trip 2023

Letter To Parents Immunisations COVID2