Business and Enterprise:

BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise

The BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise is a course designed for students who through vocational contexts study the knowledge, behaviours and skills related to research, planning, pitching and reviewing an enterprise idea.

Enterprise is an important part of the business sector and play’s a major role in the UK’s global economic status.  Demand for employment in these areas is likely to continue to rise and expand, playing a key role in UK society.  It is important that our learners develop the key transferable skills to fill these careers.  The role of entrepreneurs is to help create wealth for the nation and its citizens through the creation of enterprises that innovate and grow the economy.  There are nearly 5 million such businesses in the UK, employing about 14.4 million people.  In 2015, small and medium enterprises contributed to £24 billion in the UK economy.

Enterprise is a thoroughly interactive learning experience, and students learn by researching and taking part in enterprise activities.   Learners will be given the opportunity to develop an idea for a small enterprise activity and plan how best to set it up and fund it.  Learners will work together, developing their key important skills which are useful in any industry, such as problem solving, decision making, innovation, project management, team working and communication.  Our learners are also given the opportunity to plan their finances, including cash flows and how to take a product to market.

The course is divided in to the following three components;

Component 1 – Exploring Enterprises (Internally assessed – 30% weighting)

  • Investigate the characteristics of two local enterprises.
  • Exploring how market research helps enterprises to meet customer needs and understand competitor behaviour.
  • Investigating the internal and external factors that contribute to the success of a local enterprise.

Component 2 – Planning for and pitching an enterprise activity (Internally assessed – 30% weighting)

  • Exploring ideas for a local micro-enterprise activity.
  • Planning for a local micro-enterprise activity.
  • Pitching for a micro-enterprise activity.
  • Reviewing the success of the pitch for the micro-enterprise activity.

Component 3 – Promotion and finance for enterprise (Externally assessed – 40% weighting)

  • Demonstrating knowledge of the elements of promotion and financial records.
  • Using promotional and financial information in relation to a given enterprise.
  • Making connections between different factors influencing enterprises.
  • Giving recommendations to enterprises on ways to improve its performance.

Business & Enterprise Year 10-11 Curriculum Plan