Computer Science

Computer Science is all about solving problems with algorithms and turning those into computer programs. It is learning what is inside a computer how those parts work. It introduces how data is stored, processed and sent between digital devices.

We introduce problem solving through top-down design early in the course which leads into algorithmic thinking through flowcharts and pseudocode. These skills transfer into the next part of the course which is about teaching a modern high level programming language used throughout the business world.

Students then go onto learn about how data is represented, how the computer hardware (including the CPU) works as well as the types and functions of the software that runs upon it.

The latter part of the course covers how computers communicate and share resources through networks as well as the risks that brings through cyber security issues.

Finally, students should now have enough knowledge to tackle the consequences of technology, including legal, ethical and environmental concerns.

Computer Science Year 10-11 Curriculum Plan