Hospitality and Catering:

Hospitality and catering at TNHA encourages students to progress their knowledge and understanding of food preparation, healthy eating, hygiene, and cooking techniques.  Our aim is to support our students to develop vital life skills that enable them to be confident in the kitchen, capable of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and have the ability to work collaboratively with others developing good communication skills.

As part of their work with food, pupils will be taught how to cook and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Instilling a love of cooking in pupils will also open a door to one of the great expressions of human creativity. Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill that enables pupils to feed themselves and others affordably and well, now and in later life.

Through the WJEC Level1/2 Award in Hospitality and catering, students will gain:

  • A wide range of food preparation and cooking skills
  • Opportunities to improve their problem solving, organisation skills and time management
  • Planning and communication skills
  • An understanding of health and safety in the kitchen
  • Promote the importance of diet, nutrition and health
  • Inspire students to consider the economic, ethical and environmental issues surrounding food production
  • Knowledge, understanding and skills to progress into employment in the Hospitality sector.

The WJEC Level 1/2 Vocational Award in Hospitality and Catering is made up of two mandatory units: Unit 1- The Hospitality and Catering Industry, and Unit 2- Hospitality and Catering in Action. Learners must complete both units.

Students complete an online assessment based on unit 1, and complete a practical exam in which they plan, prepare and produce a meal to meet specific requirements.

Learning Objective 1: Understand the environment in which hospitality and catering providers operate
Learning Objective 2 Understand how hospitality and catering provisions operate
Learning Objective 3 Understand how hospitality and catering provision meets health and safety requirements
Learning Objective 4 Know how food can cause ill health
Learning Objective 5 Be able to propose a hospitality and catering provision to meet specific requirements

Hospitality & Catering Year 10-11 – Curriculum Plan