Music is a universal language, and here at TNHA the music curriculum is designed to engage every student by exploring music in different formats, genres and historical contexts.  Music is designed for all, and there are opportunities for students of all abilities to get engaged, develop essential skills which will help them in life, and make the most out of opportunities to try out different musical instruments in an extremely supportive environment.

Music at TNHA encourages all students to explore their creativity through a range of listening and appraising activities, composition tasks and performances.  To enable students to feel safe and comfortable enough to perform in their music lessons the atmosphere is set from day one in Year 7, and are referred to frequently throughout their studies.  Students are asked to help to create a supportive and non-judgemental environment so that everyone feels able to express their creative ideas and show their progress at all points in their learning.  Students are expected to provide positive and constructive feedback, as well as be able to critique their own work accurately and honestly.

Students are encouraged to also work independently wherever possible.  They are often invited to rehearse as a group in one of the practice rooms, and this encourages them to take a proactive and progressive attitude to their learning.  Students also then take responsibility of their own progress and are encouraged to reflect honestly on what aspects of their rehearsals worked well, and which of those they could improve on.

The Music department aims to provide a comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities and performance opportunities for all. Various extra-curricular opportunities are offered, including end-of-term shows, theory and songwriting clubs.  Efforts are made to create opportunities for students to showcase their talents in a wider context, in their local community and further afield.

The Music Department aims to provide opportunities for all students to engage in music in whichever way suits them.  Music technology and alternative performance skills such as rap and mixing are becoming more and more prominent, particularly at GCSE.  TNHA aims to support individuals wholly in whichever format they require.

The Music Department aims to support individuals and small groups to improve their instrumental skills by offering instrumental lessons in collaboration with the local Music Hub.  We aim to provide top-class tutors with regular lessons and we aim to cater for all interests and abilities.

Music Year 7-9 Curriculum Plan

Music Year 10-11 Curriculum Plan

Music Curriculum Map